Golf’s Past Masters

The U.S. Aces Golf Tournament has been perhaps of Golf’s longest custom. This competition is one of the really four titles played in golf one time each year. Consistently The Masters is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia.

One of the customs of the competition is the unbelievable green coat the victors play for. Starting around 1949 each Masters champ is granted a green coat. Anyway the coat is just saved for a year prior to being gotten back to the club house the next year.

The competition was begun by both Bobby Jones and Alister Mackenzie back in 1931. The green authoritatively opened two years after the fact in 1933. The absolute first Masters competition was hung on March 22nd, in 1934. This was won by golf player Horton Smith who might turn into the main Golf Master. In 1935, Gene Sarazen who had won the competition by a troublesome five strokes with an opening in a single shot as far as possible from the fairway on a standard 5 for a twofold hawk. The competition was skipped during 1943 and up to 1945 because of the Second World War.

As time continued and the 1960s came around The Masters Tournament was overwhelmed by what might become three significant names in the playing golf sport. Arnold Palmer would become victor multiple times as his adversary Jack Nicklaus would bring back home the coat on five separate events, even consecutive years in both 195 and 1966. Jack Nicklaus is one name close to Arnold Palmer to become notorious in the sport of Golf. Gary Player had turned into the primary individual to bring home the championship of the Masters in 1961 who was not American, when he beat down Arnold Palmer who was the 1960 reigning champ. Player was beaten the next year by Nicklaus and he wouldn’t win one more competition until 1978.

In 1968, Robert DeVicenzo created a ruckus that would go down in playing golf history as a dumb mix-up as he marked his scorecard with recorded some unacceptable measure of strokes by one. This cost him the headway to the eighteenth opening and prompted Bob Goalby winning the coat that year.

Somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1990 the Masters Tournament was being prevailed upon by a greater part of Non-Americans who all gathered eleven triumphs. In 1986, Jack Nicklaus who won again had formally turned into the most established player to at any point win the competition. In 1997, Tiger Woods would be the most youthful man to win the green coat at 21 years old and by twelve shots. Tiger Woods would likewise proceed to win the competition three sequential years straight. The ongoing proprietor of the green coat is Charl Schwartzel from South Africa.