Mens Accessories – What Not to Wear

The first fashion accessory mistake a man can make is by wearing a medallion around his neck. This was in fashion back in the 1970s (I believe), and was made famous by Tom Jones (remember him?) together with a button-downed shirt and waist-high jeans. There is nothing wrong with the chain, just the medallion part that is a problem.

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The next set of mens accessory disaster is on the topic of rings. It is quite nice for a man to accessorize with jewelry but some guys over do the whole look. One or two rings are acceptable and when a man wears more than two rings, it gets to be a fashion disaster. Some men take it too far and think it looks good to wear rings on every finger. This should be outlawed!

Some men wear earrings which is a nice men’s accessory, but sometimes this can be done all wrong. It is cool to be seen, as a guy, with one earring in one ear. Not two earrings in two メンズピアス ears or anymore at all! This earring should be kept as a stud, and nothing hanging because that just screams 1995.

Some mens accessories have to be done correctly and others should not be done at all. An example of this is the fanny pack, or also commonly known as a Moon bag. This is that embarrassing bag that your mother tied around your waist when you were 5, back in the 80s. This fashion mistake is wrong on every level and should be left where it started, in the 1980s.

When men decide to wear hair accessories, this should be done with great caution! Alice-bands and head bands only work on men is their hair is long enough to accommodate such accessories.

It is also important to know that any type of small clips or slides should be avoided by men when styling the hair. Most of the time, it is usually safe to just go with a little wax or gel to get a good style into shape.

In addition to head gear, falls the category of sunglasses into men’s accessories. It is important that men follow the strict rule of not copying Bono from U2’s style! The lens should be a dark color, and not faded into blue or yellow, as this does not look cool! Rather stick to a brown or black lens that’s more natural. Also, a quick tip! Aviators look really good on fair-skinned men.