Professional Handicapping Advice Part 2 Making Correct Football Picks

Since I have been a professional handicapper going on ten years now, along you way you invariably pick up winning trends and formulas that allow you to remain successful and continue keepeing the public’s trust that your giving them the correct plays to bet on so that in the end, they come out on top.

This line of work is one that can be very up and down and all you have to know is pretty much summed up by the movie For Love Of The Money starring Al Pachino. We as pro handicappers do live and die by the result of games and if you don’t pay attention, it could swallow you whole. The difference between those who flame out in this business and those who succeed is all about preparation and evaluation. All over the Internet you see companies boasting about their 80 percent success rate of picking winners and so forth. I am here to tell you that you should stay clear of any place that makes this type of bogus claim.

Those who are established in this business such as myself(I have had my online business for ten years along with employing pro handicappers that have been in the game for over 30 years) are successful because we are upfront and realistic with our public. A great handicapping season is one that enables you to pick winners between 57 and 60 percent. Luckily for us, we have never had a season below 56% and our nine year average in the following sports are as follows: College Football: nine year winning percentage: 57% BEST BETS: 62% NFL Football: nine year winning percentage: 58% BEST BETS: 63% MLB Picks: nine year winning percentage: 60% BETS BETS: 65% NCAA Basketball: nine year winning percentage: 58% BEST BETS: 62%

So as you can see, we are generally always in the 57-62% range to which our loyal subscribers can vouch for. We post our records everyday and share with the public how we are doing in order to continue with the trust we have built up. Now another responsibility as a pro handicapper is to convey to the public that there will inevitably be rough patches. We don’t pick at 100 percent efficiency and so there may be a cold streak สมัคร ufabet สมาชิกใหม่ once in awhile. However as the results show, we turn our seasons into winners due to our vast knowledge of the intricacies of the game and what it takes to make the correct picks.

After watching countless games, we have stumbled upon dozens of winning trends and scenarios that more often than not come out winners. We only use systems such as these to determine our picks and thus it guarantees winning year after winning year. Our loyal readers and subscribers have discovered these winning trends for themselves and have gone off on their own after awhile, confident in what they have learned from us. We go into these trends and scenarios in our game analysis so that you as the reader can be confident in our explanation for why we believe one team will win over the other. When all is said and done, if you follow our lead, you will be a consistent winner in this unpredictable game. We offer a daily free MLB pick which I also post on here(Phillies won big today like we expected) along with three or four daily MLB BEST BETS! Our college and NFL packages are second to none and delve right into the nuts and bolts of the game so that you dont have any reservations about our choices.

Finally, we also have gone into the realm of fantasy sports by hiring fantasy experts to offer priceless information