Xbox Kinect Compatible Games

Xbox Kinect is a new gaming device released by Microsoft and is considered among the best Xbox 360 companions. Its presentation in the most recent E3 gaming conference was a big hit. It is a motion-tracking camera which is placed near the TV and plugged into the Xbox 360 (it works with the other versions too). There are a few Mad Catz accessories that improve the mounting. The most important job of the device is to track the movements of the players and synchronize UFABET them in the game later on. This is what gives you a more realistic gaming experience without controllers.

Following, is a list of the games that are compatible with the Xbox Kinect:

• Kinect Sports: This is a sports game produced by Microsoft. It includes different sports such as Tennis, Football, Boxing, Basketball, etc.
• Kinect Joy Ride: This was kinect’s first racing game announced by Microsoft. You have several options like drifting through the corners, performing big air jump trick, compete with friends, and a lot more.
• Kinect Adventures: This game takes you on an adventure into the forest where you need to defeat the different obstacles.
• Kinectimals: This is among the favorite games of kids. You need to select your favorite animal and just play the game wit your own body.
• Zumba Fitness: This is a totally controller free game where you follow the dancing and fitness exercises with your own body.
• Dance Central: This is a great game for you if you like dancing games. The game has options of solo mode and two-players mode. There are several choreographies with tracks from hip hop, RNB and other genres.
• EA Sports Active 2.0- This among the best games for fitness exercise. It comes with over 70 exercises, nutrition tips, personal trainers, heart-rate monitor, etc.

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